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A group of friends who specialize in web development and self improvement.

We're friends who are passionate about web development, fitness, self-improvement and we Ship Fast

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Powerhouse of diverse skills, ranging from martial arts, bodybuilding, and healthy living to innovative design and programming.

  • Patryk
    Patryk Szczurowski
    Frontend Developer/Designer

    Patryk, a European Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, masterfully blends his skills as a Frontend Developer and Designer.

  • Lukasz
    Lukasz Cybulski
    Fullstack Developer
    Lukasz, our Fitness Guru and experienced Fullstack Developer, innovates web solutions with the same intensity he brings to the gym.
  • Hkfec68f 400x400
    Milosz Jankiewicz
    Fullstack Developer
    Milosz, an ex-Challenger in League of Legends, brings his competitive spirit and strategic thinking to his role as a Fullstack Developer.
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Klosinski
    Frontend Developer
    Sebastian is a seasoned developer with a rich background as a tech lead, contributing to high-profile government projects.
  • Jakub
    Jakub Czarnowski
    Fullstack Developer
    Senior Developer Jakub has released 3 commercial products and worked for diverse companies.
  • Adam
    Adam Dobrzeniewski
    Frontend Developer
    Adam is a skilled Frontend Developer with a focus on creating engaging user experiences.

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Landing page + working MVP. If you want to work with us send us your pitch at workwithus@tryhards.space and even if we deny your request we will try to connect you with someone else.
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$25000 one-time


$25000 one-time

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    Landing page
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    Working MVP
Runs on Unicorn Platform